Craftsman’s diverse manufacturing and design capabilities enables us to provide end-to-end engineering solutions for our diverse clientele.

Our capabilities include product design, precision machining, full gamut of casting, precision assembly,  welding & fabrication,  and allied processes such as surface and heat treatment. Coupled with in-house process and tool design, we also assist customers to optimize product and process design for better manufacturability and cost optimization.

Our manufacturing process is as set out below:

  • Precision Machining and Assembly

    Precision Machining and Assembly

    Highly skilled assemblers trained in best practices ensure meticulous assembly of high end precision products. We focus on providing the ideal assembly environment: Illumination, ergonomics and minimum dust and noise. The products are dispatched only after verification by independent quality team

  • Aluminium Casting

    Aluminium Casting

    A diverse range of casting processes: low pressure die, gravity die, sand and high pressure die casting  produce aluminium parts weighing from a few grams to 350 kilograms. Our customer have a wide choice of processes to select, right from prototyping to mass production, best suited to part mass, geometry and production volumes. In-house casting simulation software and tool and die making enable us to offer the integrated one stop solution for all our customer’s aluminium casting needs.

  • Machine Building

    Machine Building

    We build and operate custom made special purpose machines for our high-volume customers to provide the best cost and quality. This capability also allows to provide among the lowest lead times for setting up manufacturing lines for our customers.

  • Welding and Fabrication

    Welding and Fabrication

    Welding and fabrication of steel and aluminum assemblies with various welding methods like ARC, TIG, MIG, SAW.

    Trained and certified welders with continuous skill testing and guidance ensure robust welds.

    For high volume production robotic welding is employed for high repeatability and cost benefits.

  • Painting, Powdercoating and heat treatment

    Painting, Powdercoating and heat treatment

    Surface treatment such as shot blasting, cleaning, painting, powder coating in ISO certified paintshops and paint quality lab equipped with corrosion and paint adherence testing facilities

    Heat treatment includes carburising, solutionizing, and quenching for steel and aluminium alloys.

  • Tool and Fixture Design & Manufacturing

    Tool and Fixture Design & Manufacturing

    In-house tool and fixture design and manufacturing is one of the key strengths of Craftsman. We are known for robust and reliable tooling for accurate and productive machining and casting.


  • Product Design

    Product Design

    We employ an array of product designers in mechanical, electronics, and software design departments to design, develop and improve our industrial product range in engines, lifting, storage among others.