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    As a socially responsible organization, we empower our younger generation through education and students training program

    We realize that our future success depends on continuous improvements, top end technologies and our human resources to keep rapidly changing to the ground realities and dynamics of the market place

Sustainability Management At Craftsman Automation

We hope to emphasise our efforts to safeguard the well-being of people and the environment while simultaneously operating a profitable business.

Our forward-thinking efforts guarantee that we are not just focused on our financial results, but also on safeguarding the well-being of our stakeholders.

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Sustainability Management

The Sustainable Development Goals

Craftsman Automation Limited: as a corporate citizen and enterprise belives that businesses are built around strong social background and inclusive growth and it is bounden duty of the business to support the society, though voluntarily, in helping to improve the quality of living. craftsman aims to do its business in a responsible manner and develop a sustainable business model.

To alleviate poverty, safeguard the environment, and ensure humanity's peace and prosperity, we have a set of integrated and interrelated goals and policies.

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Craftsman Automation Limited would do its business in accordance with the laws that apply from time to time and adhere to applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities By Craftsman Automation
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  • Social Responsibility Activities
  • Social Responsibility Activities
  • Social Responsibility Activities
  • Social Responsibility Activities

The Craftsman Automation limited Sustainability Report 2022 is available as a PDF document.