Automotive Powertrain

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Machined by Craftsman Automation. With one of the largest machine shops in the country and three decades of experience in machining
precision products, Craftsman Automation is the go-to leading manufacturer of automotive powertrain parts- Engine crankcases, cylinder
heads, camshafts, transmission housing, differential carrier, axle housing.

  • Cylinder Block

    Cylinder Block

  • Cylinder Head

    Cylinder Head

  • Camshafts

  • Transmission Housings

    Transmission Housings

  • Bearing Cap

    Bearing Cap

  • Carrier Housing

    Differential Carrier Housing

  • Commercial Vehicle

    • Commercial Vehicle
  • Passenger Vehicle

    • Passenger Vehicle
  • Tractor

    • Tractor
  • Off-highway

    • Off-highway

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