Automotive Aluminum Facility

Automotive Aluminum

High Pressure Die Casting

We set the bar for high-pressure die-casting components with a variety of aluminium and magnesium alloys. There are over 30+ die-casting cells, with closure forces ranging from 200 to 3200 tones. From the raw casting to the ready-to-assemble component, we provide the entire value chain.

  • Key Features

    • 2 HPDC Locations.
    • 3200T Max. Locking Force.
    • 105lbs Shot Weight.
    • 3.7Million/Annum Production Rate.
    • End to End Solutions.

Low Pressure Die Casting

We strive for cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and are constantly developing and improving our Low Pressure Die Casting technology to provide light weighting and complex structural components for diversified automotive applications.

  • Key Features

    • 4 LPDC Cells
    • 4000lbs Furnace Capacity
    • 1350x1350mm Max. Mould Size
    • 1100mm Machine stroke
    • 110lbs Max Part Weight

Gravity Die Casting

Our Gravity die castings are ideal for High quality, complex die cast components catering to two-wheelers, four-wheelers, as well as various automotive and non-automotive products. The manufacturing strategy utilizes enables high volume, dimensional precision, and surface finish with minimal machining, resulting in a potential savings for the customers.

  • Key Features

    • Vertical Type Tilting gravity machine
    • 700mm Die stroke
    • 1000x900mm Tie Bar Distance
    • 300x700mm Die Height
    • 100lbs Max Part Weight

Sand Casting

Craftsman Automation has two decades of experience in supply of machined Aluminium castings to industries across the globe. Complicated geometry, core intensive, thin wall section castings pose no challenge to our highly experienced foundry team. The part weights range from a few hundred grams to more than 300 kilograms. Multiple casting disciplines such as sand casting along with leak testing using water, air or helium are utilized to provide a comprehensive range of processes to produce the perfect parts for customer’s requirements.

  • Key Features

    Resin Sand Line:
    • Capacity - 50 Tons / Hr (Double arm articulated Continuous Mixer)
    • Production - 15 Molds / Hr (Fast Loop Line)
    • Mechanical reclamation Plant – 20 Tons / Hr
    • Thermal reclamation Plant – 3 Tons / Hr
    Green Sand Line:
    • 300 Kg Intensive Sand Mixer with the cycle time of 90 Sec
    • Production - 20 Box / hour
    • Sand Plant Capacity - 4 tons / Day

Diversified Manufacturing Technologies..

  • Shot blasting

  • Heat Treatment Plant

  • Powder Coating Plant

  • Automated Painting Booth

  • Integrated Pattern & Core Shop

  • Machining & Assembly Shop

  • In House Die Manufacturing

In House Die Manufacturing

We have extensive in house design and die manufacturing capabilities. Please Click here to know more about our Toolroom Division.

Satellite Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are located strategically near the major automotive manufacturing hubs to provide Just in Time (JIT) supply to the customer's facilities within hours.

  • Coimbatore
  • Bangalore
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Satellite Facilities

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