Research & Development Center

Automotive Aluminum

Research & Development Centre

Vision - Grow in Aluminium casting segment inline with global vision of light weight vehicles.
Aspiration - To become leader in high critical and structural castings by providing end to end engineered solution, based on higher capacity Die Casting Machines and superior processes

We'll be there for you from the beginning of the design process through the end of serial production. Craftsman Research & Development Centre is comprised of the following expert team, which has developed a road map for potential business activities.

  • Key Development & Testing Process

    Key Development & Testing Process

    • Material development
    • Process development
    • Design development
    • Validation & testing
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  • Marketing and Scope Analysis


  • Conceptual Design


  • Detailed Design


  • Simulation & Analytics


  • Prototype building


  • Prototype Testing

    Testing Team

  • Validation & Customer Feedback


  • Part Design Finalization

    All Team

  • Part Mfg


  • Part Testing & Validation

    Testing Team

  • Mass Production


  • Sustainability in Casting Solutions

    Sustainability in Casting Solutions.

    We strive to establish and manufacturing products and solutions that benefit the environment and society. we take climate action and address environmental and social responsibilities.

    • Modular Design
    • Resource optimization
    • Work safety
    • Health management
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  • Quality - Accreditation

    Quality - Accreditation

    Multiple certifications have been obtained to our recognized production processes, which range from diecasting to end to end solution, with high-quality goods enriching the global market.

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E Brochure

E Brochure

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